Monday, October 24, 2011

Lights! Camera! Action!

21st Oct 2011

Faculty of Dentistry Annual Dinner
Theme : Movie Night

At first i was very clueless what to where, where to find those costume..while searching for a dress, i saw a costume-like shop in Sunway Pyramid, brought some pirates stuffs..but when i got back home, just found out that my boots are "rosak" already..*sigh*

Then went searching for the boots, to be exact a knee boots..sadly, i couldn't find my mom wasn't quite agree with my decision to wear pirates google, searching for a rental costume shop..just about 7 hours before the dinner..hahaha..kerja gile..

This is what i found..*puas hati*..haha
Costume World
B-3A-17 Pusat Perdagangan Pelangi Square Persiaran Surian PJU 6 Pelangi Damansara  47800 Petaling Jaya  Selangor Darul Ehsan

Sunday, October 23, 2011


21st Oct 2011

It was Anas's Graduation Day!!really proud of u dear..when i saw you wearing the convo's attire, makes me rase xsabar nk finish study..hehe..

Dear Anas, 

Congratulations on your graduation!!Alhamdulillah, all your hard works and stressful moments were paid off..Well done dear..Be a good dentist..Always remember this is all comes from Allah s.w.t and may Allah bless your future undertakings..

p/s: doakan for my kejayaan jugak k...
                                                                                               With love,


love love love

This post supposed to be written earlier..but due to my hectic and 'busy' schedule, i really didn't got the chance to do so..
story begins..


13th Oct 2011

it was my birthday!!! i'm 23...what???yes, i'm growing day was the same as usual..nothing special except for all the wishes here and there..thanks everyone!! until..when clinics and classes came to an dear Ain called, she really wants to meet me, she sounded sad, really sad..i rushed over to her..(deep in my heart, some sort of weird feeling came..entah2 die ni nk buat surprise kot!haha)
..when i arrived, i saw her sitting alone at a corner in Kedai Kopi, Tasik Shah Alam.. i aksed "kenapa ain?"..she didn't reply..looking worried and keep saying "tak tau la mcm mane nk ckp..ain sorry tau"..

suddenly, out of no where..i heard "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!"..a birthday song..i turned..ouh was my other dear friend, Yas, holding a piece of secret recipe's cake..hik3..i knew it!! both of sooo much..thanks for celebrating it with me dearies..hehe

when i got back home..another surprise awaits..mama, abah, amar and fatin were waiting with an ice cream cake..ouh dear, i was really touched..thanks all!!! <3

15th oct 2011

for the whole week, i've been waiting for Anas to come back home from Tapah..since he couldn't come back just to celebrate my birthday on the 13th, so we planned to celebrate it once he got we did..ouh dear, it was such a memorable day that me myself could ever imagine..

we went for a lunch date at Sorpino's Pizza, USJ..that was my first time going there..the foods were superb with affordable price..really worth it, definitely a recommended place to go..then we went to Sunway Pyramid, jalan2, looking for stuffs to where for the annual dinner..on the way back home, he bought me to Tutti Frutti..:) makan dkt rumah with my dear sis and nanny..hehehe

after solat Asar, Anas asked me to help him carry some durians from his car..which he brought form Perak..when i went to the back of the car, i saw a card "Specially for Mai Amir" *weird*
once i opened the boot..WOW!!!!!!!!!! balloons everywhere and there a big black plastic in the middle..i grabbed and opened..i t was a BIG TEDDY!!!!!!!!thanks syg..really appreciates it..u never failed to make me happy dear!!!<3

 the end~

Saturday, October 8, 2011

missing someone???

truth is..
i really miss him..
can't wait for next saturday...
he's coming back..yay!!!!!

8 months to go for our BIG DAY!! *counting days* 
wedding preparation??
not done..
ouh yeah!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Wedding sane wedding sini!!wahh!
so many weddings to attend..nih yg xsaba nak kawen ni..ok over..haha..
just wanna share some wedding photos of my dear cousin, kak wanis (DJ Perak FM) and my ex-classmate, eqbal..
congrats both of you..
may Allah bless u and wish for your happiness to stay forever..

some pics are from others: Afiqah and Ho Syahrul

at eqbal's wedding

thanks atie for the pic..hee :)

after eqbal's wedding..spending time 'poyo'ing with Ain..