Sunday, April 17, 2011


Few weeks back, i got the chance to do and complete one pulpectomy is one of my paediatric dentistry's first i was a bit nervous..just imagine my patient is just a 7 year old boy..(takut jugak, buatnye nanti tgh2 treatment, die moody ke kn)..but Alhamdulillah everything goes very well..thanks aiman..nnt akak bg reward ye..hehe

here's some dental info:

what is pulpectomy?

a common endodontic procedure in which the dental pulp and root canal are completely removed. This procedure is usually done on primary teeth (chilren’s teeth) by a pediatric dentist.
Pulpectomy is necessary in instances where the pulp of a tooth have become infected due to deep decay or a crack within the tooth and needs to be removed entirely. If left alone the infection in the tooth will spread and cause further damage to the bone around the tooth. This can lead to the tooth falling out.

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ni contoh saje..:)

this is my patient, Aiman..

~the end~