Sunday, February 27, 2011

mama's popia!

this is one of my mama's secret recipe..POPIA..
FYI, popia is one of malaysia's traditional food..ade due jenis : popia goreng and popia basah..(setahu saye la..haha)..
ini bukan nk promote, bukan nk puji lebih..all my life, my mom's popia is the best..haha..thanks mama!!for always giving and preparing great and delicious foods for your children..i wish i can be a great cook like her someday..insya Allah..

this one cannot be eaten straight away..need to be fried pon popia goreng..hehe


Thursday, February 24, 2011

who is mat luthfi???

siapa kenal mat luthfi??? sile angkat tgn mcm sy...(tiru usop cite hantu kak limah) those yg xtgk cite tu lg, better do so..ASAP..LOL..msti gelak terguling2 punye dear anas smpi jadi angau tgk cite tu..keep reciting dialogs from the scenes..haha..eh2, cite antu kak limah pulak..

well back to the main topic..presenting..

mat luthfi is a young creative guy from malaysia okehhh..kedah nun..he is 20 years old malay boy currently studying in Curtin University, Perth, Australia. comel pon ye..die ni suke sgt buat video2 lawak..sesuai utk tontonan semua lapisan masyarakat..he is the next youtube artist to kn??hehe..he is getting famous day by day..siap ade fanpage kat facebook lg..daebak!!:)
his first video that i watch was "selamat hari ibu" was quite long time ago..he is so cute and adorable..the way he appreciates his mom was totally the people, start googling him now..tgk la all his 
video..worth it..haha..*wink*

the first video that i watched..