Monday, September 5, 2011

raya hols trip!

Last saturday i just got back from oz..ouh, seriously pnt gile even though 5 hours flight je pun..forget about the tiredness, we really had so much fun awesome short trip to Perth,'s really worth it..this is the first time we went overseas without the help of tourism agencies and tour guide..few weeks before, eh few months kot, we already did prepare for the trip..looking for hotels, halal foods restaurant, must see places, the weather, what to wear..almost everything.. Alhamdulillah, semuanya berjalan lancar..thanks MAS for the MAS holiday promotion!!:D

Thanks Abah & Mama for this memorable Raya gift!!

walking down Hay St
Stirling Garden

Fremantle cruise

The Esplanade, Fremantle

Notre Dame University

lunch at Cicerello's

Train station, Perth city

walking maze, Mandurah

epic posing..ouh!

Abingdon Miniature Village


with mama!

family photo!

Foreshore, Mandurah

Art Gallery

Joondalup Station

Kings Park

 the big tree

the view

going back home~

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