Friday, February 10, 2012

what i did last january..

Supposedly, i should write all this in the month of January..but i don't know..January seems to be busy for me..its either i am truly busy and stressed with classes or i am lazy, just lazy..(adoiii, mai mahirah y u soooo pemalas!!)
ok well, January is the month of celebration..u year celebration la, chinese new year la..and macam2..same goes to birthdays..(ok fine, every month pun we are celebrating birthdays) but what i am trying to say or actually trying to write is that there are 3 important people in my life having their birthday in of it was on the last day of December..lebih kurang la tuh kn..

Firstly, Mama's birthday (31st Dec)
we ( my siblings and I) managed to come out with very small and cozy birthday party for mama..sorry mama, next time kakak cuba masak sedap2 utk mama k..BUT wait..mama was actually terharu, it was a success la kan???yay!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

my first lasagna..haha..(habis jugak...)

table set up for mama's birthday..later add with KFC abah beli..haha

next, Abah's birthday (2nd Jan)

this one is extremely superb with the help of mama..haaishh, nak mama tlg jugak..Alhamdulillah, berjaya la masak nasi beryani..siap jemput family wanchik lagi..lalala.."lepas ni dah boleh masak nasi beryani utk family in law" mama berpesan...teheee...blushing i!!

see them with their happy face?awwwww..hehe :)

lastly, Ain (14th Jan)

it was an improper plan birthday attack..haha..the mastermind are me and yan..and the main supporters are hilma, atie and yas..surprisingly, Ain terkena!!!yay!!!berjaya!!haha..

the end~

Friday, December 30, 2011

wohoo!!sarawak part 2

ok, i know its kinda late (waaaayyyy toooo late!!!) to post about this..but who cares..its my blog anyway..:P

stories continue..

back from the school, we asked the driver to just drop us us the waterfront..because we wanted to have a look there since we are going back soon..but actually, we wanted to buy something as a  souvenirs for Pak Abu the driver and sis Margaret..hehe..ok well, mission accomplished..we managed to buy something for just let the pics do the talking..lalala

naik sampan across the river..first timer, hurmm, berdebar la jugak..haha

laksa sarawak..nyum2!!

managed to go to Sarawak Cultural Village..seronok esan and kerol..haha

dunno why my legs shaking towards the end..haha..*sigh*

excited tgk show..

ok, demm!!!!why me?????

got the chance to sumpit on the stage..u ade??

esan nk try jugak letewww..

mkn besar


suddenlly, all gone..lapar betul budak dental ni..hahaha

jalan2 at pasar serikin..abou 45 min journey from Kuching..all the  penjual are from indonesians..ira  managed to buy telekung, and baju grad..over ok..hehe

plan changed..bowling alley full..ade tournament..see my serious buruk..

alang2 dah sampai, dpt la jgk belajar main pool..hahaha

ok thats the last picture..thanks all for the great memories..will never forget it..on the next day, we took a taxi to send us to the Airport..bye KUCHING!!!hello SHAH ALAM and hectic schedule..naissss :)