Sunday, January 30, 2011

mimpi kah???

omg!!never thought that actually met Aishah Amin and sisters yesterday!!!it was like a dream come true..hehe..yesterday aishah and her sisters did a preloved sale at plaza alam sentral which is dkt sgt dgn my house..(mmg rugi la if i'm not going sebenarnye..hee)..plan to go early but something happen..jeng jeng jeng..haha..mcm suspen sgt je..actually the night before i had oncall so need to go to hosp. sg buloh..coming back to the fac at 8.30 in the morning, i'll straight away heading to the lab..because i need to finish up my patient's denture..igtkn boleh siap pukul 10.30 ke tup2 sampai pkl 1 lebih..

so i just went back home feeling a bit frustrated..:( what to do..salah sendiri..but suddenly!!anas called..he asked me to come and he passed the phone to someone..suara perempuan (nk jeles ke??)..

the girl: mai dtg la!!!diba, fiqa, ina semua ade sini (my cousins rupenye!!haha)

then ape lagi..melompat kegirangan la..hehehe..yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also met my friends there!!haha~
p/s: farah, kt curi gmba ye..:)

Monday, January 24, 2011

mr potato!

This is our style of eating potato, besides mashed potato..emmm,sdpnyee!!!!!!!!
well, i don't really know the exact name but we just called it steamed potato..simple je nk buatnye..hehe~..kire kalau masuk junior masterchef pon da tentu kalah..huhu..btw, i'm totally impressed seeing those kids in the show..they cook like professionals..totally awesome..daebak!!! *wink*

homemade steamboat~

Anyeong!!eh,ttbe nk ckp org islam jd sy kne ckp Assalamualaikum.. :)
ok lately, i do post a lot about ni la style tu skrg, kt tgglkn dunia fashion tu sbntr, kt msk dapur mom always told me, "org perempuan kalau xreti msk nnt suami lari"..huhuhu..tidak!!sedihnye..hurm..dgn kesedaran yg ade skrg ni, sy pon berjinak2 la ke dapur..cak!!ece..mcm poyo mmg poyo pon..
since everyone is buzy posting their new look in the lookbook, i'll post my new dish in my cookbook..konon nk lain dr org la kn..poyo la mai..
yesterday, i came with the idea to make steamboat..pehh, da lame kot xmkn steamboat..nyum2!!!well, this is the first time trying to make my own style of steamboat..*wink*



MEE..ignore jenama cintan tu..instant mee pape pon xjadi masalah..

SOH the spelling right?

LALA..kalau xsuke ignore kn sy suke..hehe~

white fishball, lobster ball..heh~

mix vege, crab..


chilli..bru la kaw!!haha






mereka mkn dgn gembira, kire ok la tu kn??hee~

Sunday, January 23, 2011

awesome dates!

yesterday, i went to sunway pyramid with my hek!! sad part is, xsemua yg dpt join..huhu..
but the best part is!!!jeng jeng jeng!!!!!!!..kami semua gile camera..hahaha..we did lots of photoshoot!and ecah did a lot of shopping!! much fun and i'm enjoying every bit of sgt seronok..

p/s: kwn2, nnt kt spent time same2 lg korg byk2!!

we love them~

yes, we are..we do love our seniors..and for that we (my batch) came out with the idea to make a special dinner for them..sort of appreciation night i guess..hehe..'tok ketua' for that day is aznem..(thanks asz!!)..we were divided into groups and i was in charged for the food together with the foodelicious team..yay!!~

dear seniors,
thanks for always helping and guiding us..thanks for being the coolest seniors ever..lps da grad nnt jgn lupe kn kami ye..all the best in future..nnt kalo dah kawen jemput2 la kami..hehe..
emm, nnt sy kawen, jemput datang ye..*wink*

i forgot to bring my camera..*damn* (time ni la xigt nk bwk camera)

p/s: pics taken from my friend..she's the coolest photographer..and she's my friend you olls!!haha..awesome pics by afiqah~