Saturday, May 29, 2010

Goodbye Year 3

Time pass so fast..sdr2 je da 3 years jd dntal stdnt...Alhamdulillah..after 2 weeks pulun stdy akhrnye exam pon start..huhu..another 2 weeks plak kne pulun jwb xm..huhu..mmg memenatkn and 100% mendebarkn..results for oral patho came out few days before exam, some of my friends got viva distinction..(waa,besnye..congratz korg!!)..hmm, at first tu rse a bit down gk la..coz tkot fail ke after  that dpt tau all 32 of us LULUS..besnye!!!Alhamdulillah..but that's not the end..still have another one more paper..yg ni lg la mendebarkn (felt like half dead men,huhu)..huhuhu..its happen on the second week of exam..after last paper in the morning, result tros keluar ptg tu..huhuhuhu..only Allah knows how it feels..tunggu punye tunggu..tunggu lagi..(agk lame la gak dok xwat pape)..akhirnye...smpi la msenye, result di umum kn..dup dap dup dap..Dr Faiz pon sebutkn matrix number of those people yg dpt my head mase tuh, mmg mengharap nk pass je...suddenly..JENG JENG JENG!!!..i heard mine was coming out from Dr Faiz's mouth..what!!!(mimpi apekah ini??)..wooowoottt~~
Alhamdulillah..dpt gk rase viva tuh cmne..happynye!!!!thanks Allah~
and yg "plg membahagiakn" of all is semua org in my batch passed the professional exam 3...yuhhhoooo!!!!!welcome to Year 4 everyone!!*wink*

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I kept bunny as my pet. I was very happy when mama said "ok, boleh bela" when me n my sis ask the permission to have them. Bes gell..hehe..Idea nk bela rabbit ni da lame actually. But it starts to be 'serious' bile tgk Maksu bela..So, we got our first two bunnies from Maksu's neighbour. We named it Mr Chikello n his wife, Rosemarie..Six months later, Rosemarie had given birth to 5 lil bunnies (OMG!!they are so adorable), ktorg pon bg la nme Fufu, Yuri, Momo, Mayo n Lora..Mengikut kate org yg lebih berpengalaman (Maksu's bibik) yg jantan kne asingkn coz nnt die pijak2, terpakselah ktorg isolate kn Mr Chikello away from his family..One day, we heard that Mr Chikello da hilang (uhh,siannye..apela nsb die skrg..huhu)..Now Rosemarie pon jd la ibu tunggal, raising up 5 lil bunny..hee..

5 lil bunnies has grown up so much nw..Yesterday morning, ttbe bibik knocks my room n said that one of the bunnies had given birth to another 2 cute lil bunnies..hehe..Then dpt tau the mom is Momo..hehe..happy sgt..i named it Tuffy n Hemmy (ehem..ehem..)..there goes the story of new member of Chikello's family..*wink*