Saturday, June 26, 2010


what i like to do during holiday??haha..besides watching fifa which i only watch when my fav team is playing, i watch korean show..its either on 303 or youtube..i like to watch shows more than movies..for me shows are so much fun and happening..but it doesnt mean i don't like korean movies at all..i just don't feel like watching korean movies now..haha..i just want to share what korean variety shows that i enjoy watch the most..*wink*

we got married yonghwa-seohyun
lets go dream team

hello baby shinee

invincible youth

ouh jaden!!

actually i wanted to write this for quite sometime..but it never,since i'm having my time now i'll use it wisely..haha..mcm la bz sgt kn..

ok,truthfully i don't like karate kids movie..for me its just a nice to watch kind of movie..and not the type that i'll be remember for quite sometime..but the new one was totally change my perception..i was amazed by the storyline, the scene, the action and especially the actor..haha..will smith does have a son that is awesome like him..jaden smith is sooo cool indeed very talented..i wish i was younger..haahaa..that's too much to be wish i guess..well this movie did have scene that really touched me was when jaden helped jackie to rise back from his tragic life..never say never.. :D

p/s:  jackie looks handsome in this movie..hahaha..*wink*

Friday, June 18, 2010


kecewa, frustrated.. what else should i say about espanyol team last wednesday...huhu..sedih..player semuanye da bagos..but truthfully the match was boring..huhu..they control most of the game but never scored..ouhh..what happen to my dear torres..wish them a better luck on the next game..(full of hopes)

btw..argentina played soooo well against korea yesterday!!go argentina..haha..

Friday, June 11, 2010

oh africa!!hee

FIFA IS ON!!!!weeehoo!!so for this year's fifa i have the faith for SPAIN!!!hehehe...last time i've been supporting england..but for nw, i'll be with spain..hehe..TORRES!!!!he is super hot..haha..btw i really enjoy the theme song which is waving flag!!

Genting oioioioi~

it was very first, we planned to go to Times Square..but suddenly end up going to GENTING!!! wooohooo!!!i was very was like a dream come true..the kind of boring holz had turned up to be WOAH!!!

we arrived there around 1,we had lunch and perform our prayers first..only then we went out..ouuuuhhh,sejuk jugak..hehe..we haven't got enough time to play all the rides, so we picked some n played..scream out loud!! and my brother did play most of the rides..both of us wanted so much to play the solero..unfortunately, it was like millions of people, ktorg pn putus asa..haha..about 6.30 pm, we went back into the first world hotel and headed directly to the convection centre..there was branded clearance sell up to 70%..hell no!!who on earth doesn't want to go, we did buy something..hurm..

da penat shopping barula blk rumah..BYE GENTING!!! was a tiring day but all of us enjoyed it so much!!thanks mama n abah!!!saranghae!!!*wink*

Monday, June 7, 2010

A day with Arinah

janji da last, dpt pon tunaikn janji kat bdk kecik ina ni..the promises was made after she agreed to be my peads patient..thanks dear first, she asked me to buy her a new bag..unfortunately, i'm not rich enough to buy those stuff for, we decided to just have a lunch at, we did..three of us (plus my dear sis) went to Shah Alam Mall at 11.45 am today..haha..after that, we go all around the mall and did buy some girl stuff (huhu..not satisfying though)..then, we headed to SACC..Arinah wants to curik2 tgk her sis working (mmg cun,hehe)..not so long after that, yong~ came and blanje ktorg sume BIG APPLE..thanks anas oppa~~ hehe...when the clock strikes 3, we headed back home..aouhhh,penatnye but yet all three of us had so much fun hanging out together..

p/s: to diba n time kt kua same2 k...*wink*

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Demand for justice

It was a huge shocking news when Israel did the unexpected attack towards one of the Gaza aid-carrying ship, Mavi Marmara the last 3 days..i was in the middle of something when suddenly my mom called to watch the news on astro awani..the night before we heard the news, my mom just got a text asking all muslims to pray for the six ships that are on their way to send the aid to was a very brave and greatest act of them..may GOD bless them and their family..

I was mad at the israeli for their immature act and was very sad thinking of  the fate of my Palestenian brothers and sisters and those  who tried to help the less fortunate but was killed without reason..

I was a bit relieved hearing today's new when the volunteers had been released..Alhamdulillah~

Oh Allah, please give us courage and strength to face all this and all those bad people..

we demand for justice!!ALLAHUAKBAR!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


now came to the sad part of the day..because of too much bunnies in the house, we decided to donate some of them...
 (1) taman arnab, giant sek 13
(2) jual kat pasar (huhu..)
(3) jual kat sape2 yg berminat
 ..after a very deep n serious discussion(yoyo o je), we decided to go with the first suggestion..the chosen bunnies are the nanny, fufu, mayo n the evening, anas (yong~) came to my house n helped me to send them..(thanks oppa!)...
put the bunnies in the cage, put them in the van, anas oppa drove the van with me sitting side, the van moves out from the house, vroomm vroomm, arrived at Taman Arnab, anas oppa parked the van, have a small talk with the owner, get the bunnies out...

huhuhu..ttbe all the bunnies seem to be very polite..tak gado2 da..pilu sgt mse tuh..those bunnies cam rase takot2 je (yela,tempat baru kn)..without realizing, i cried T_T...then, we decide to put them on the garden to make them feel comfortable..bile ltk je kat tanah, semuanya melompat n lari2..lega rase..but suddenly fufu came to the side where i am..he gave the look..the adorable look..ooouhhh~~~
sedih i lift him up n manje2 for the last time..huhuhu..i'm gonna miss all four of them..huhu..

may they live happily with their new home~~

lagi dan lagi dan lagi..

another story of bunnies..hee..yesterday evening, my dear ain came to my home sweet home to visit the lil bunnies..while playing with hemmy n tuffy, we took a lot of pics (x la byk mne pon..gamba ain je since its the first time she ever touch rabbits..hee..some kind of fear factor thingy..hee).. before that bibik da isolate LORA because since yesterday die dok cabut2 kn bulu si MAYO..huhu..sian nye psl, we have to transfer LORA (put it in the travelling box tu)..suddenly guruh kuat sgt..smpi rase tkot nk dok, ain n me planned to go inside..before going inside, i just surreptitiously watch at lora's cage..guess what???hahaha..she just given birth to 3 cute baby bunnies..anak rabbit lagi..hee..kecoh satu rumah dibuatnya..haha..the next morning (which is today), YURI punye turn lak beranak..hehehe..another 3 baby bunny..woooottwooott!!!da mcm taman arnab da rumah aku..hehe..smpi abah pon da pening kepala..*wink*