Tuesday, October 26, 2010


hmm..freedom..kebebasan..ape yg kt tau sebenarnye??..hurm..freedom means being free, have the ability or power to act, speak, or think without externally imposed restraints. but that doesn't mean you can do anything including against the law and your religion..
i always asked myself  'kenapa mama selalu xbagi keluar dgn kwn2, bebas pegi mane2 mcm org lain..kenapa mama kne tanya ape yg mai tgh buat, dgn siapa mai keluar, mai nk pergi mane, kenapa mama nk kenal semua kwn2 mai..kenapa mama marah sgt bile dpt tau mai keluar xbgtau?kenapa?kenapa?'..mmg kalau org lain tgk, my life mcm bosan je..mcm kne control 24/ sebenarnya x..i am very lucky to have a mom like mama..that shows how deep my mom's love towards me..cume kt je yg selalu sgt nk salah anggap dgn ape yg mak kt cube lakukan..selalu sgt nk memberontak

i remember once i got my 'kunci kebebasan' necklace..i was so happy..i've been waiting for it for so long..haha..but then i starts to think..kenapa umur 21 br dpt??ha,kenapakah??pk punye pk punye pk..sampai ttdo..harini br dpt..kire hari ni dlm sejarah la..haha..sbb ape umur 21 br pt..sbb kalau mama bg lebih awl, mungkin i might use it in a wrong way..yela, kn tgh memberontak..otak dkt lutut..haha..nw bile da 21..otak baru btol2 kat boleh berfikir dgn waras..necklace tu bkn tandanya kt bebas utk buat ape shj ikut nafsu, tp necklace tuh sebenarnye ialah sign of freedom for me think more wisely in leading my future life..sign of freedom for me to have the courage to speak up my mind..sign of freedom for me to think what's the best for me..once i got the key of freedom, i'm the one who lead the way my life should be..mama will only be the!!sungguh dlm maknenye..hehehe..thanks Allah for making me realized how lucky i am..thanks mama for all the love u give to me..*wink*

da puas kami lompat..release tension..hihi~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

speaking mandarin??

hurm,biase la..bile course mandarin da nk abes, msti kne wat 'drama' (actually its just a short sje je nk exaggerate..ape org kate, hiperbola?hehe)..'drama' ape??bkn drama tv1, bukan juga drama astro..bukan drama tamil mahupun KOREA (bestnye if we can choose our own language subject)..tapi 'drama' mandarin..hahahaha..i wonder bile la sy bole btol2 master mandarin neh...aishh.. groupmates for this assignment are naddy (mek klate yg style..hehe)..nad (geng korea sy..2PM..haha) n madah (master of mandarin..madah laoshi),last sunday we went for shooting..kat mane??rahsie laaa..hahaha..

 begitu la al-kisahnye drama mandarin kami..*wink*

Sunday, October 17, 2010

dream come true..ahaks!

12th october 2010..dat was d day i met maher zain again..haha..n was unplanned..ttbe je dpt tau,ktorg (mama n me) confirm pegi konsert amal maher zain at sacc convec (sejengkal je pon dr my house..hahaha)
it was the best brithday present ever..ske sgt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!haha..thank mama n abah for this great moment..*love n hugs*

hurm..why i like maher zain??well,msti ramai yg assume i like him sbb die handsome..might be true (dats a bonus for him)..but dats not d real point..i like him bcoz i like his songs n his personality..the message in his songs are the most important..when i first heard his life story before..i was makes me almost cry..sob3..congratz maher zain!!hope u can produce more n more great n beautiful songs in future..:D
p/s: can't wait for his next concert in malaysia..*wink*

my birthday cake!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

maher zain..hee~

OMG!!!!!!!!i never thought i will meet maher zain in person..*wink*
baru je frust and kecewa xdpt tgk his concert..ttbe td mama's friend called asking nk join tgk maher zain ke x?
of course la nak!!!!!!!!!hehehe..kelam kabut siap2..after g wedding abg shahrir tros drive g concorde..xsaba rsenye nk smpi..only close friend je yg ade kat situ..i was lucky to be there..xramai org and importantly dun have to sesak2 nk mntk autograph and took pics..lot of pics..haha..kalut nye psl,ttggl cd dlm,xdpt la autograph..haha..
moment with maher zain will always be in my mind..tq mama!!this is the best birthday present..hee *wink*

the end